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Behind the Scenes

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It seems like every time I put a camera in my hand, sparks fly. Check it out. Join me in my studio or schedule a session on site. Our team of professionals will make you feel like a superstar. The lighting will be just right. Our makeup artists will make sure that every hair is in place. And our team will help you feel warm and comfortable. We’ll get to the heart of who you are so that we can capture the best of you on camera.

Need shots for business? No problem. Take them in the studio or on location. We’ll help you select the perfect backdrop to capture your true essence. Looking for a photo that will forever be a part of your personal archive? We’ve got you covered. We’ll consult with you to identify why the photo is important so that we can capture the moment and help you make it last a lifetime.

Since I started photographing professionally in 1983, I have taken thousands of images, for companies as well as for individuals. I pride myself on making my subjects feel at home and creating a work of art within my photographs, while portraying their own personal message.

Interested in learning photography or brushing up your skills? I’ve been teaching at colleges and universities around Philadelphia since 1987. Everything from private instruction to small group seminar sessions, such as lighting and black and white fine art printing are offered upon request at my studio location. If you have any questions about which opportunity would be right for you, just give me a call or email me regarding your areas of interest and I’d be glad to help you identify the perfect fit.

Into the gallery scene? Email me and I’ll shoot you an e-invite for upcoming openings…. gallery shows, open house events, etc.